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14 thoughts on “The Landry Family Series

  • Eli

    I —NEED— to know what is up with Camilla!!! I so know/think/hope she is involved with a certain someone… hmmm Troy! Please tell me there is a book coming!

  • Nathalie Disipio

    Loved the Landry family series!! When is the next one coming out and which family member will it be about? Thanks

  • Rhonda

    Can’t wait for Ford’s story. I just love the Landry clan. I’m also interested in Will and Macy’s story. What about stories on Sienna and Camilla?

  • Rhonda

    What about Ford? Can’t want to read about him because he’s sweet, sexy, considerate, and a former marine. When is his story due out?

  • Kim

    Thank you for writing The Landry Series. I have never enjoyed reading a series more than I have this one. I have laughed I have cried and laughed some more. I absolutely love the constant banter back and forth between the siblings. Makes me wish I have that with my own siblings. I seriously cannot pick which book is my favorite. So I won’t choose. I would like to take a guess at what the secret his. I think Ford and Ellie are having twins. I also think that
    Cams boyfriend is someone we have already been introduced too. I can’t wait till that book comes out. Can’t wait to find out the release date on that book.
    I am going to be heart broken when this series is over.
    Thanks again Adriana for writing such good books. I must say the book that had me crying for days was your standalone Sacrafice. My God that book was a tear jerker especially the ending. I won’t sayou in case someone hasn’t read that book.