On The Couch …

I did a super fun interview this with with The Indie Tea. They asked me a series of questions while we chatted on the virtual sofa.

The Indie Tea

Their site is a great encouragement to authors and writers. If you fall into those categories, you’ll love their website. Check them out!

On another note, Swink is coming together nicely! Camilla Landry’s story will be out on July 27th. If you haven’t added it to your TBR, you should! My team will choose some readers that simply added it on Goodreads to win an early copy. Fun, right?

Swink (coming Summer 2017)

If you are a blogger and would like in on the festivities, you can click below and join the release launch. (I’d appreciate it forever!)

Swink Blogger Link

Finally, my June newsletter has not went out yet. There’s still time to grab this month’s freebie … Man Candy by Melanie Harlow! Yay! Make sure you join, subscribe, and wait you monthly hot romance from one of my peers. Yeah, I do this every month! :)


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