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I’m THRILLED with the reception Switch has gotten with readers. Thank you all that have messaged me, reviewed, sent me tweets and emails – I love your Graham love! <3

I have an excerpt I want to share below, but before we get to that … I have news. News I think you’ll like!

Ford’s book, Swear, will be out in APRIL.

There are as many of you that want to read his story as there were those that wanted Graham’s. I’m so, so excited for you to get a bigger peek at this hot military brother! Make sure you add it to your TBR by clicking the title above.

Now back to the Landry at hand. ;)

Graham Landry_NSFW

Here’s an excerpt from SWITCH, available now on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited:

Graham’s tongue darts out, skimming his bottom lip. He’s pinning me against the loveseat with a hand on either side of my face.

“You drive me crazy,” he says, narrowing his eyes. “I try so hard to be on my best behavior around you and you just whittle me down. Every fucking time.”

“Well,” I tease, wrapping my legs around his waist. “I think your ‘best behavior’ is subjective.”

“You know what I mean.”

“And you know what I mean.”

My heels locked at his back, I squeeze my thighs around his waist and pull him closer to me. His lips hover over mine but they don’t touch.

“What exactly do you mean, Mallory?”

I wind my fingers in his hair and tug gently. “I mean this is the Graham I like best. I like seeing you like this.”

“Struggling to keep myself together?”

“Exactly.” Lifting my head, I flick my tongue against his lips. I can feel the heat of his mouth, the taste of his desire. “Don’t try so hard,” I whisper.

“It’s futile anyway,” he says. I barely hear the words as he pulls back. “Stand up.” He climbs off the loveseat, stripping off his shirt. “Now.”

My stomach clenching at the intensity in his eyes, I’m on my feet before I realize I’ve moved.

“Take your dress off. Everything. I want you completely naked.”

The air brushes against my skin as the linen covering my body pools at my feet. As I step out, I watch Graham and almost gasp.

He’s standing in front of me, his cock in his hand, watching my every move. “Bra. Off.”

With a shaky hand, I unclasp the back and throw it at him. He catches it and presses it to his face.

“Now what?” I stand before him, not a thing on my skin. My hair drapes around my shoulders, and despite the fact I’m standing completely naked outside under the watchful eye of this sexy CEO, I don’t feel a bit nervous. Just … admired. That feels better than any orgasm, any accomplishment, any nice words ever spoken to me.

Graham sits again, his legs spread. He’s in complete control, managing the situation not with words or power, but with his eyes. That’s all it takes.

Want more? Click HERE.

Thank you again for your support of Switch! Audiobook is coming very, very soon. :)



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5 thoughts on “Check out this excerpt (and Landry news!)

  • Courtney

    I’m DYING to listen to Switch! I’ve been checking online multiple times a day since Tuesday to see if the audiobook is available. I am so close to breaking down and reading it but I just love experiencing your books with the naerators southern drawl. Any updates on a release date??

    • admin Post author

      They should have it uploaded for approval today or tomorrow. Approval can take 3 days to 7. I’ll make sure to post when it’s LIVE (and it’s amazing – they rocked it!). <3