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Kennedy Ryan asked if I could read an early copy of GRIP. It happened to be timed perfectly—I had just finished Switch and had not started Swear yet, so I agreed.

Best decision ever.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened this book. It’s called Grip. It’s about music of some sort, I expected, and I really know nothing about music except I like to listen to it. Whatever I expected to read, didn’t even begin to chip away at the corner of this iceberg.

This book is amazing.

Kennedy crafts a beautiful story of love, second chances, loyalty, and determination. But that’s not what’s altogether special about Grip. It’s the way she does it, the setting in which she places this tale.

Modern-day issues are handled with such care, such thought, that GRIP becomes more than a love story. It becomes a study in the world we live in.

Pick this one up on Amazon, available in Kindle Unlimited, and fall madly in love with a man that is REAL—one of the realest heroes I’ve ever read.


Leave a comment below. I’ll use random dot org to pick a couple of winners to get a free copy this weekend! :)

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