Books I Love!

There are so many books out right now, I thought I would help you make a decision … after you read mine, of course. ;)


Landry Covers


Have you met my Landry boys? They’re all available in Kindle Unlimited!





Now for books I personally love and recommend:

Trust- Jana Aston

Something in the Way- Jessica Hawkins

Bad Girl Lessons- Seraphina Donavan

Fake Fiancé-  Ilsa Madden-Mills

After We Fall- Melanie Harlow

More than a Memory- Marie James


AND, one of my favorite books of the year come out on Thursday! GRIP by Kennedy Ryan, goes live in two days. You guys. *dead* I am so in love with it. SO IN LOVE!

Flow, the prequel, is live now and is absolutely FREE. Go grab it and then message me and tell me how much you love my boy! :)



A couple of reminders:

#1 – Switch’s audiobook will be live very soon. Watch this space for updates!

#2 – Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter. I give away a free book every month this year. My readers got a Kendall Ryan book in February. What will it be for March? Subscribe, confirm your subscription, and wait for the book to drop in your mailbox! :)

#3 – Swear, Ford Landry’s book, will be out in April. Make sure you add it to your TBR here.


Thank you for your support!



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